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Laundry Course – Additional Certification

25.00 / Certificate ex. VAT

Additional Laundry Course Certification

  • Purchase additional certification that you can share with your team.
  • Invite each team member to register and download their own certificate.
  • An additional certification licence  does not include the Laundry Foundation Course or its associated training materials..
  • Access to each certification licence valid for six weeks after activation​.

Who needs additional course certification?


Purchase additional certification for your each member of your team when they participate in group training sessions.

You will need to have also purchased a Laundry Foundation Course licence to access the actual training material and to run your group training sessions.

Set the number of additional certificates you require for you group and checkout.

How do I share additional certificates?

  • Purchase the number of certificates you require.
  • You will then be able to invite your course participants / sub-users to register their own accounts.
  • Each additional certificate will enable you to share a unique certificate access key (Enrolment key).
  • You are limited in the number of invitations / keys you can generate by the number of additional certificates you purchase.
  • Each user will need to register their own account with their own enrolment key to access and download their own certification.
  • Your sub-users will need to purchase their own Laundry Foundation Course licence if they would like to review the training on their own devices.
  • Your sub-users will have 6 weeks to access and download their certification from their activation date.

How do I run group training sessions?

  • Ensure you have purchased your Laundry Foundation Course
  • You should also purchase all the additional certificates you will require to conduct your training.
  • You will need a computer connected to a large screen or projector and a printer for your course material.
  • Each of your participants will require a pen for making notes and their own device for registration and for the collection of their own certificates.
  • You can access your course from your account on the site and then simply follow the prompts to start each section of the course.
  • You can easily review lessons and refer to the training material associated with each section of the course.
  • Have fun and please take a minute at the end to give us  feedback on the course.
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