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Hi, I’m Sheila, ex-stewardess and founder of two successful businesses: EYS (Environmental Yacht Services), which supplies eco-friendly products to the yachting community across the world, and Source.

From my many years working as a stewardess and working closely with the community through EYS, I noticed a huge knowledge gap when it came to basic stewardessing skills.

Stewardesses, and others working in luxury housekeeping, have to learn on the job. Not only that, but they must learn quickly and without any mistakes. Make a mistake and it could cost you your job. Often these mistakes are silly errors that with the right training, wouldn’t have happened.

I wanted to change this process and make it easier and more accessible for aspiring individuals to upskill before they start their career, or to boost confidence whilst in a career.

So I created Source.

Source is a series of online training courses specially designed by experts to upskill anyone wanting to enjoy a successful career in luxury housekeeping.

The story behind our story

Whether you’re looking for a career working on a yacht, on a yacht, in a chalet, luxury villa or top hotel, we’re here to help you get the skills and experience you need.

Our series of industry-leading online training courses will help you get ahead by learning essential and advanced knowledge. All our courses are designed by industry experts to help you master the skills you’ll need to succeed, and enjoy the exciting adventure ahead.

"When we started in the cleaning business, we quickly realised that you had to understand the products and surfaces in detail. Instead of doing Google Searches, we’ve actually spoken directly with the people who build these luxury interiors. Currently, there is no course that offers this level of insider knowledge and expertise.

How we can help you

Source courses have been carefully and lovingly created by industry experts and professionals with your successful career in mind. We want to empower you to own your career in luxury housekeeping, succeed and enjoy travelling the world and all the exciting experiences that come with it.

2 courses and 1 guide to take your skills to the next level



The Cleaning Course consists of six modules, which cover everything from explaining the basic cleaning principles, to choosing the right chemicals for the task. It includes our Eye for Detail Challenge and access to the Source Cleaning Facebook group. Essential  for anyone in housekeeping.



The Laundry Course includes four modules, covering everything from how to identify fabrics and weaves, to stain removal. This will give you the foundation knowledge you need to wash, treat and dry any type of fabric with confidence. It includes access to our Facebook group.



When you’re trying to choose the right products to clean with, that are also safe for the environment, it’s easy to feel lost when faced with complicated scientific jargon and marketing ploys. 6 simple steps to choosing the most planet-friendly products on the market and know the the brands to put your faith in.

Our mission

We believe knowledge is power.

It’s the power to succeed.

To make a change.

And have an impact.


"We want to raise the bar and change the way training for luxury housekeeping is done. We want to equip those starting out and those already in their careers, with the correct knowledge to benefit them and their skill set, whilst working in harmony with the natural world around them.

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