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Purchase certification for your team.

Select the additional certification licences you require and then invite your team to register / enroll to access their own account and certification for download.

"I did this course with my new team in the crew mess. We had lively debates, different opinions and lots of fun. Everyone got their certificate, and all in my budget.

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I was in quarantine, so I thought of using my time by doing some courses. I heard a lot about you from other crew so I bought the course without giving any thought. And I am glad that I made the decision. Thanks for the wonderful course and knowledge you have shared in these online courses.
Aine Leonard
Aine Leonard@aleonard
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I took the Source cleaning course as I have just started working in a luxury hotel. I felt so confident on my first day and have received no complaints yet.
Katarina Ivanov
Katarina Ivanov@kivanov
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Wow! I just did the laundry and cleaning courses. They were even better than anticipated. The information is so clear, complete and interactive. Go for it!
Javier Morales
Javier Morales@jmorales
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If you are wondering about the quality of these courses, just check out the online demos. One tip: the cleaning course is quite long, so don't try to do it all in one go. Well worth the investment!

Buy Additional Certification for your Team


€ 25 ex VAT
  • Select the quantity of additional certificates in checkout
  • Invite users to enroll using your enrollment key


€ 25 ex VAT
  • Select the quantity of additional certificates in checkout
  • Invite users to enroll using your enrollment key


Got a question? Check out our frequently asked questions.

Unfortunately, you can only purchase additional certificates for one course at a time.

You can purchase additional cleaning certificates and then go back and purchase additional laundry certificates (or vice versa). 

You can change the quantity of additional certificates at the bottom of the check-out page. The check-out page will appear after you click on BUY NOW. You might need to scroll down the check-out page.

Please contact Source directly on: [email protected]. We will be happy to correct spelling errors for you.

You can find the enrollment keys on the Manage Sub Accounts page. This page is available to Group Leaders in their account dashboard.
Via the ‘dropdown’ button, you can download an Excel list of your unassigned enrollment keys.
Otherwise, you can enter each member’s details on the Manage Sub Account page, and communicate their enrollment key to them.

You cannot modify the enrollment key.

"The team and I are more proficient at washing/drying programmes, stain recognition and removal techniques and special fabric care.

Welcome to the Source crew, and good luck!

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