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You might be thinking you don’t need to learn how to clean or do laundry

Maybe you think you already know how to do both or you’re expecting to learn on the job. Unfortunately, that’s what most think, but the reality is quite different. From day one your job will include long hours and some pretty unglamorous situations. The job is fast paced, leaving little time to learn and zero room for costly errors. 

Expectations within the luxury industry are also incredibly high. This is an industry where cleaning and laundry are a refined and particular skill, and something you will be doing 85% of your time, so you must know what you’re doing and do it right.


Reasons why people working in luxury interiors and housekeeping love our Source training courses:

Designed by top industry experts

Learn essential knowledge and skills you’ll use everyday in your job

Take the course from anywhere and at your own pace

Short modules can be fitted in easily to a busy schedule

Boosts confidence

" I’d hire people who have done Source courses as it definitely gives them a great starting level.

Our Courses



The Cleaning Course consists of six modules, which cover everything from basic cleaning principles, to choosing the right chemicals for the task. It includes our Eye for Detail Challenge and access to our Facebook group. Essential  for anyone in housekeeping.



The Laundry Course includes four modules, covering everything from how to identify fabrics and weaves, to stain removal. This will give you the foundation knowledge you need to wash, treat and dry any type of fabric with confidence. It includes access to our Facebook group.



When you’re trying to choose the right products to clean with, that are also safe for the environment, it’s easy to feel lost when faced with complicated scientific jargon and marketing ploys. 6 simple steps to choosing the most planet-friendly products on the market and know the brands to put your faith in.



The Complete Collection includes both the cleaning and laundry courses, our “I want to go eco, but where do I start?” guide, a bonus Eye For Detail Challenge and access to both our cleaning and our laundry Facebook groups. This is a must-have combination.

Why choose Source?

Source is the industry-leading online training company of its kind. Our courses have been designed by experts who know what is needed to achieve a successful career in luxury housekeeping.

You could choose from a number of courses available, but many often only cover the basics for housekeeping in hotels and offices, usually with a focus on cost-cutting and speed-cleaning. We pride ourselves on offering unique courses, where you’ll learn the most up-to-date cleaning methods that work, proven by top luxury interior professionals who truly care about the finer details – you could be laundering table linens or cleaning stone surfaces that are worth more than a car, so extra care needs to be taken.

Our Source courses offer industry-certified qualifications backed by professionals, so you know you’re in safe and experienced hands, perfect for setting you up for a successful and enjoyable career. 

A course for you,
on your terms

  • Study from anywhere at your own pace

  • Improve your career success

  • Learn essential knowledge for your role

  • Avoid common pitfalls or costly mistakes

  • Boost your confidence

  • Get expert advice and time-saving tips

  • Enjoy travelling the world

"Just do the courses. You won’t regret it. Gained so many valuable tips and knowledge about cleaning different surfaces.

Our Source Promise

We’re really confident you’re going to love our courses and get so much out of them that we offer our Source promise on all our courses. If you’re unhappy with the course you buy, simply get in touch within 7 days after purchase and we’ll give you your money back.


Got a question? Check out our frequently asked questions.

Yes, all Source courses are online so you can learn from anywhere at any time. Simply connect to the internet using your smartphone, laptop, iPad or other smart device.

No, you can study at your own pace. The laundry and cleaning courses are each composed of short modules that can be fitted in easily to a busy schedule. You can pause and start the course whenever you like and as many times as you need.

All our courses are interactive, online and digital courses. They use animation, video and notes to give you the best, most effective way of learning.

The laundry course usually takes around 2 hours to complete. The cleaning course is longer and usually takes approximately 4 hours to complete. However, this may vary depending on the pace you prefer.

You sure do. Once you’ve taken the course there is an assessment to complete. Pass this and you’ll be sent a digital certificate to show off and add to your CV.

Either. You can sign up for our courses yourself, or ask your employer if they would consider doing it for you.

About Source Training

Source training founder, Sheila is an ex-stewardess, mother of two boys, grandmother and founder of two successful businesses.

Sheila worked as a stewardess for a number of years, has always had a deep love for the ocean, and is an environmentalist at heart. It was this love and passion to preserve nature which led Sheila to launch her first business, EYS – Environmental Yacht Services – a supplier of eco-friendly products to yachts across the world.

From her own experience as a stewardess and from supplying to many luxury yachts, Sheila noticed there was a clear gap in knowledge and learning for laundry and cleaning personnel. This is why she set out to raise the standards, by creating Source training. She enlisted the help of other top experts within luxury cleaning and laundry to help create truly unique and insightful courses with you in mind.

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"Sign up for a new training course per year minimum.

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I was in quarantine, so I thought of using my time by doing some courses. I heard a lot about you from other crew so I bought all the courses without giving any thought. And I am glad that I made the decision. Thanks for the wonderful course and knowledge you have shared in these online courses.
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I think the courses are very useful and accurate. They are great to use as part of an introduction for any new crew joining an interior team.
Aine Leonard
Aine Leonardaleonard
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I took the Source cleaning course as I have just started working in a luxury hotel. I felt so confident on my first day and have received no complaints yet.
Katarina Ivanov
Katarina Ivanovkivanov
Read More
Wow! I just did the laundry and cleaning courses. They were even better than anticipated. The information is so clear, complete and interactive. Go for it!
Javier Morales
Javier Moralesjmorales
Read More
If you are wondering about the quality of these courses, just check out the online demos. One tip: the cleaning course is quite long, so don't try to do it all in one go. Well worth the investment!
Yacht Stewardess
Yacht Stewardess75m
Read More
This is a great interactive learning tool. If you are new to the industry, it delivers a lot of information without overwhelming. And for those with more experience, it is a really handy reference!

Welcome to the Source crew, and good luck!

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